Jul 4, 2013

Notre Petite Ville

With only three weeks left in our lovely little village we have been fully enjoying each moment we have here. Most mornings after our freshly delivered croissants are smothered in Nutella & washed down with cold milk we go for a walk through the town or jump into the pool. On one of our "adventure walks" we discovered a big grassy area with a soccer field, basketball court, & playground. It's become our favorite place to wander off to - not only because of the fun we have there, but the walk itself is breathtakingly beautiful.

We snuck into a "secret" garden we found along the way

Finally, we made it to the field

Hampton loves riding the horsey

Connor & D throwing the football

H picking Dandelions (RAWR!)

Happy little girl in the field

& happy little boys in the vineyard

After a delicious home cooked meal courtesy of Mum, we cozied up on the couch with the heat from the fireplace keeping us warm until bedtime.

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