Jun 6, 2013

Parlez-vous français?

After leaving London our journey to Paris was an easy one. We hopped on the Eurostar & were in France before we knew it.

H is a very chic traveler.

"Je suis sexy & I know it."

We were greeted by our driver at the train station & kindly dropped off at our home for the week. Located close by the river & steps from the Centre Georges Pompidou we were quickly immersed into Parisian culture.

H felt right at home running around the garden

Across the street hundreds of people sat in a courtyard watching the French Open on a huge flatscreen. We joined the festivities until we decided it was time for dinner.

The first night we dined together next to the Beaubourg to celebrate our arrival.

H loved chasing the pigeons next to the museum while waiting on the food to arrive.

She's very good about holding onto my fingers & staying close.

The next day we found our kid-friendly routine. Every morning we take the metro to the Tuileries Garden where C, D, & H run around on the playground, ride the carrousel, & jump on the trampolines. Around noon we pick up some sandwiches to enjoy by the fountains then make our way back home for H's nap. The Tuileries is absolutely stunning during the first week of June...

C ruling the playground

One of the prettiest carousels I've ever seen

Spending her college tuition riding the carousel...

Representing my AXiD all over Pair-ee ;)

Our favorite spot for lunch in the gardens

Baby girl dozed off in the sunshine

In the afternoons we are a bit more adventurous & delve into every inch of Paris' alluring history. On C's birthday we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower (on our very own private lift), yesterday we walked along the Seine, & today the boys & I ran around the Parc de la Vilette.

On our way up...don't look down!

Fountain across from the Eiffel Tower


Pont Alexandre III

Notre Dame

Parc de la Vilette

La Géode

Innocent little sticker monster

It has been an incredible week filled with love, laughter, & lots of bakery treats! I have learned so much from this experience already. It's a truly remarkable gift to see the world through the eyes of a child. They find beauty in the smallest things that adults tend to overlook. I can't elaborate enough how incredibly grateful I am to have this beautiful family in my life. Tomorrow is our last day in Paris & we plan to make the most of it. Until then...

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  1. Anonymous12:59

    The pictures are just beautiful and so are you and those kids! Mama