Jul 19, 2013

Living as Locals

So much has changed since we drove into our little Burgundian town in early June. We've picked up some French, made wonderful friends, & learned a lot about the culture here among the vineyards. We decided we were comfortable & confident enough to start enjoying some new experiences with the locals. The kids started horseback riding lessons, we explored nearby parks, participated in a sports festival, & visited a chateau just minutes from our home.

The horse stable is beautifully situated on several acres of rolling green pastures. Our instructor Julie Anne, a lovely French girl, was both kind & patient with Connor & Dylan as they walked & trotted around the ring & then out in the fields. Even Hampton enjoyed her first pony ride on her new friend, Phoebe.

My new friend, Romeo

As you all know, Saturday mornings are spent at the Beaune Market to buy fresh food for the week. This Saturday, however, we explored a nearby park while Mum & Dad did the shopping.

We brought plenty of baguette for some lucky ducks...

...& even saw some ducklings!

Of course we found a playground!

Connor & Dylan dominated the McDo Kids Sport event in town. Apparently it's a big thing across France sponsored, ironically, by McDonald's. It's basically the equivalent of an American school's field day. There were stations set up across a huge closed area with various sports to have a go at.

D was the last one alive in the "sharks & minnows" rugby game

Connor rocked the high jump

Miss Hampton loved the dancing mat

& of course both boys were the best at basketball (French kids don't play as much as us Americans...)

Lastly they enjoyed some old fashioned brotherly competition in the relay races...

...& earned themselves a spot in the local paper!! (Bottom left picture)

Just the other day we all jumped in the car to visit Château de Sully. The stunning estate is nestled within the countryside next to the world famous Côte de Beaune vineyards. Home to duchesse de Magenta and her family, it is the largest residential château in our little region of France. My king, princess, & knight led the way across the moat to explore.

After a tour of the inside, H & I walked through the gardens...

On our way home we stopped in Nolay, a quaint town in the heart of the Cozanne Valley. We enjoyed a light lunch & soaked up the sun while H cooled off in the fountains.

Beautiful wooden framed houses surrounded the courtyard

Le Thé dans la Vigne, a delightful looking tea room is apparently a hidden gem in Burgundy

Someone had to borrow my shirt on drive home...

On a much shorter detour, we found an old windmill used from 1851-1995. We stopped to take in the incredible views of the vineyards.

Once home, Miss Michelle invited me over to show off her homemade cherry preserves. (& I mean really homemade, she picked the cherries from the tree in her garden.)

Her stunning garden filled with fruit trees, flowers, & grape vines.

After all our amazing adventures we feel like locals here in Burgundy. Sadly it's our last week at our home away from home, but we will always cherish the memories we have made here.

Jul 14, 2013


I am terribly sorry I haven't posted in over a week, but I promise I have a good excuse! My Mum & best friend Audrey came to visit all the way from the States. We met in Paris last weekend & strutted around like we owned the place. A & I felt fairly comfortable navigating the city, but it was Mum's first trip so we happily showed her the major must sees.

Tuileries Garden, surrounded by sunbathers on a hot July day

Musée du Louvre

Notre Dame

La Seine

We made our way back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. We decided to find a spot near the Eiffel Tower to admire the twinkling lights that appear after dark.


Can you imagine living here?

The main attraction, all lit up for the entire city to see

After a long day we collapsed into our warm, cozy beds & quickly fell sound asleep. The next morning I politely encouraged the other two to stop by Starbucks before breakfast. The three of us walked past the Opera House, got our coffee, & found a delightful bakery along the way.

Fuel for the day

Fauchon, my new favorite Parisian bakery

Audrey introduced us to an unbelievable market in Northern Paris where we discovered a whole different side to the city. We felt like locals navigating the metro, speaking French to shopkeepers, & wandering outside of the typical tourist areas. The market had everything you could imagine. We walked through rows of men & women selling clothes, jewelry, food, flowers, & antiques.

This beautiful display reminded me of my Grandparent's bookshelves

All of our adventuring made us hungry so we sat down at a wonderful cafe to indulge in some French & some not-so-French classics.

We shared a savory Croque-monsieur...

...& big ol' juicy cheese burger

After lunch we popped into Ladurée for some macaroons & weaved in & out of shops on Rue Saint Honoré & Champs Elysées as we made our way back to the Eiffel Tower.

Selfies at the Eiffel Tower? Yep...

That evening we chose a nice little restaurant on the river with a beautiful view of the Notre Dame.

Brave Mum & A ordered the escargot...

I gave it another try & it turns out the 3rd time's the charm! ;)

After dinner Audrey & I went for drinks at the Buddha Bar. Although it's not at all Parisian, we wanted to give it a try!

"The Ultimate"...I let it burn a little too long & one of my straws suffered the consequences...

A's drink

The drinks were fantastic, the atmosphere was very cool, & had it not been a Monday night we probably would've stayed a bit longer. If you're looking for some fun in Paris I would highly recommend it. On our last day in Paris we walked back to the Tuileries for a crepe & found a massive fair set up.

I'm not entirely sure what it was there for, but it sure did look fun! We kept walking to the Pont des Arts to see the love locks.

That's a lotta love

That afternoon we checked out of our hotel, kissed Pair-ee goodbye, & drove our zippy Peugeot all the way to our house in Burgundy. The next three days were filled with adventures in Beaune, Dijon, & of course our little town of Saint-Aubin.


Notre Dame in Beaune

Lunch at Caveau des Arches (hidden gem with the best Beef Bourguignon in Beaune)

Amazing bottle of white from Chateau de Meursault

Escargot smothered in garlic butter

Beef Bourguignon

Chateau de Pommard

A & me in garden

My beautiful Mum

The experience started with a self-guided tour of the chateau...

Old wine making machines

Original Salvador Dali sculpture

Courtyard filled with huge wine barrels

Gator for Nans

Then we met with our guide who took us down to the wine cellar

Thirsty, anyone?

Walking through Saint-Aubin

We ended the trip with a goodbye supper in our neighbor's courtyard. It was a traditional French meal complete with friends, family, & lots & lots of wine from the caveau. We dined & danced into the late hours of the night.

*Pictures courtesy of Audrey's camera

'85 from the caveau

Poppin' the champagne...

A & Pierre

Our boyfriends for the evening

The next morning I said goodbye to Mum & A as we all went our separate ways. Returning to places you've been with people you haven't been there with makes it an entirely different experience. We saw new sights, ate new food, met new friends, & had one fabulous new adventure together.

Jul 4, 2013

Notre Petite Ville

With only three weeks left in our lovely little village we have been fully enjoying each moment we have here. Most mornings after our freshly delivered croissants are smothered in Nutella & washed down with cold milk we go for a walk through the town or jump into the pool. On one of our "adventure walks" we discovered a big grassy area with a soccer field, basketball court, & playground. It's become our favorite place to wander off to - not only because of the fun we have there, but the walk itself is breathtakingly beautiful.

We snuck into a "secret" garden we found along the way

Finally, we made it to the field

Hampton loves riding the horsey

Connor & D throwing the football

H picking Dandelions (RAWR!)

Happy little girl in the field

& happy little boys in the vineyard

After a delicious home cooked meal courtesy of Mum, we cozied up on the couch with the heat from the fireplace keeping us warm until bedtime.