Jun 13, 2013

Home Away From Home

After two weeks of traveling from one city to another we arrived at our final destination in Burgundy. Our lively little town is situated between acres upon acres of vineyards. Almost every house on our street is owned by winemakers who are more than happy to have visitors knock on their door to sample their best bottles. A bread truck comes every morning to deliver fresh baked goods from the shop up the road. Most of our days are spent lounging by the pool or playing in our garden. It's not a bad life...

H playing in our backyard

Run, run, run!

We feel very safe & very happy in our new summer home, & I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this adventure. Watching C & D make up games in the pool reminds me exactly of how my sister & I used to when we were their age. H is learning how to swim & has made a lot of progress since we arrived. We have a great little deck area that is used for relaxing, eating lunch, or having dance parties...whatever fits the mood.

As you have probably noticed we have lots of gardening space. The owner of the house was kind enough to provide us with some vegetables & herbs to tend to over the summer so the boys & I ventured out to the dirt with shovels & gloves to create our masterpiece.

After our long days soaking up the sun we team up to make delicious dinners to enjoy in our 16th century wine cellar. We have been spoiled to death with delicious reds that come from vineyards just miles away.

More dancing, of course.

I'm having a fantastic time here & love this laid-back lifestyle that seems to exude from everyone around us. It is the perfect place to spend a summer & an even better place to be fully immersed in French culture. I feel like I'm still dreaming when I open my door to this view every morning:

Pretty stunning, huh? We're back on the go this weekend, making our way to Switzerland this time. I'll have plenty of photos to share then!

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  1. Anonymous22:45

    completely breath taking! I did not know you were heading to Switzerland too? Wow. Magnificent times. Cherish every one...Mom