Jun 24, 2013

To Market, To Market

Life in Burgundy is beautiful. We've fully adjusted to our new surroundings & have grown to love our summer home. Being new to the area we did some research & asked the locals what there is to do around town. After creating a long list of wineries, shops, & restaurants we decided to spend the weekend diving right into it.

Friday was the celebration of the Summer Solstice. We spent the day enjoying Beaune on our own (as most everyone else was at school or work) until eventually others started to show up for the evening festivities.

Of course we rode the carousel

H & I popped into Sephora to use the sample nail polish for a colorful manicure

Later that day the little town was packed with performers at every corner. Bands of various genres filled the air with music & the streets with dancers. With the sunlight lasting until nearly eleven o'clock the party kept going until late into the night.

In the car thinking I'm way cooler than I am

The next morning a very tired group of Burgundians slid out of bed to visit the street market. Beaune was once again transformed, but this time by vendors from all over the countryside. They brought with them everything from handwoven baskets to handpicked strawberries.

H trying on some new shades

The market is a wonderful place to fill your senses with Burgundy: you see all the people, smell the fresh produce, taste the local wines, & hear the true sounds of Beaune. After we collected our goods (which included fresh fruit, flowers, delicious cheeses, & wine of course) we had a quick dinner & resumed our poolside positions for the remainder of the day.

Our growing wine collection

"Thanks for the spaghetti, Laura!"

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